Ep. 3: A Knight’s Tale

As we head into our third episode, we want to give a shoutout of thanks to all those who have left us kind words and good reviews (hi, Mom!). Below, a few notes and links for further reading:

*Learn more about the history of the tournament – we did! – from Dr. Natalie Anderson at the excellent site Medievalists.net.

*Find out more about women in trade (like Blacksmith Kate) at the blacksmithing hobby site Working the Flame.

*See a closeup of the United Kingdom’s Imperial State Crown, and learn about how the present crown took shape, from the Royal Collection Trust, the charity that looks after the Queen’s various treasures (except her handbag. And the corgis).

*Spend some time exploring London’s historic streets and how they have changed over time.

*The past several months of pandemic and lockdown have led to the phenomenon of “bardcore,” and we offer you Laura’s favorite and Megan’s favorite example of the genre.

*The real Sir Ulrich’s book is available here, and The History of William Marshal, the first known biography of a knight, is available here.

Season 2, Episode 1: "Gettysburg" (1993) Costume Drama Rewind

We're back from our summer break and kicking off our second season with "Gettysburg," the 1993 war epic, directed by Ron Maxwell and starring Jeff Daniels, Martin Sheen, Tom Berenger, Kevin Conway, and Stephen Lang. Instead of just walking you through each part of the battle, in this episode, we're here to provide some context for what happened during these three days, what the stakes were for the Union and the Confederacy, and what the result meant for the American Civil War going forward.*Despite what "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" may have told you, there appear to have been no actual vampires in the Battle of Gettysburg.
  1. Season 2, Episode 1: "Gettysburg" (1993)
  2. Season 1, Episode 23: Harvest Time – A Farewell to Jo March Madness and Season Finale
  3. Season 1, Episode 22: Jo March Madness Round 3: "Little Women" (2018) vs. (2019)
  4. Season 1, Episode 21: Jo March Madness Round 2: "Little Women" 1994 vs. 2017
  5. Season 1, Episode 20.5: Jo March Madness Minisode – Louisa May Alcott

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